“Never give up” 

– David Yarde

David Yarde is the co-founder of Sevenality, a branding and design firm focused on creating delightful and useful experiences to improve communities. When David is not working on helping others with branding he is focused on being a father, husband, helping others through various community projects or writing.

In this interview David talks about minimum loveable brands, the art of creating socially conscious brands on both a business and personal level.

What You’ll Learn in This Interview:

  • What is a socially conscious brand is?
  • How an introvert can start an online business
  • How can somebody figure out what their strengths are and understand what they should pursue and what they shouldn’t
  • How to build your own brand

Special Offer by David:

  • Free 30 minute brand consultation

Way to Connect with David:

Resources to Help You Start Your Thing:

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  3. The Start Your Thing eCourse: Create, launch and sell your idea in 90 days or less.

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